Bob Zaslow
Bob Zaslow Teacher and Award Winning Poet
I reread your beautiful book and cried for joy all over again.

Mary Throop
Mary Throop President, Summerhill Capital
The writing is exquisite… simple, yet profound. the story will take you on a heartfelt journey.
Trevor Dighton
Trevor Dighton CFO and Executive Director, G4S
I was taken by the story. It is beautifully written, moving, and lovely.
Brian Goldstein
Brian Goldstein President, CCMH
I have always had an acute interest in history as it relates to the Holocaust. When I read My Mother’s Secret, it took my breath away. I highly recommend this book, especially to young people who will be greatly inspired by the story.
Kim Shannon
Kim Shannon President and CIO, Sionna Investment Manager
An inspiring story that deals with choices, decisions, values, courage, and life’s meaning. It teaches and inspires. My favourite quote and message to live by is: ‘Your actions with time become your character’-reminding us to live mindfully and with integrity.
Arnold M. Noyek
Arnold M. Noyek MD, FRCSC, FACS, Senior Ashoka Fellow, Founding Director, Peter A. Silverman Center, Founder, CISEPO
I see great possibilities for this book to promote peace and understanding.
Ted Manziaris
Ted Manziaris President and CoFounder, Turtle Island Recycling Corporation
Unbelievable! What an amazing read! I LOVED this story.
Alexandra Philp
Alexandra Philp 13
I really loved the whole book. Every sentence was enthralling. It was a prefect balance of danger, romance, and history.
Barb Simpson
Barb Simpson Vice President International Banking, Bank of Nova Scotia
From the moment I started to read My Mother’s Scecret, I couldn’t put it down. It captivated me. I just loved it!
Richard S. Self
Richard S. Self Head, Marketing and Communications, RBC Global Asser Management and Phillips, Hager & North
It is a luxury to be able to read lots and lots of books; most are enjoyable, but some make you stop and think. this book is one of those-it has a Jonathan Livingston Seagull quality to it.
Dr. Pat Gullane
Dr. Pat Gullane Order of Canada, Wharton Chair, Former Chair and Professor, Department of Otolaryngology Surgery-Head and Neck Surgery, University of Toronto
This is a captivating story of amazing courage and heroism. It brings to life a reminder of the atrocities that should never be forgotten. Readers of all ages will find inspiration in these pages.
Amir R. Gissin
Amir R. Gissin Consul General, Toronto and Western Canada, Consulate General of Israel
“Writer J. L. Witterick paints a vivid picture of the world of Franciszka Halamajowa, a heroine in Nazi-occupied Poland who, with her daughter Helena, harbored Jews despite the mortal danger. A moving and captivating portrait of that terrible period.”
Charles H. Belzile
Charles H. Belzile CM, CMM, Lieutenant General of Canada (Retired), Order of Canada, Commander of the Order of Military Merit, Vimy Award, Honorary Grand President of the Royal Canadian Legion
“A gripping story about the dark period of the Holocaust, My Mother’s Secret will educate young people born after the end of World War II, as well as refresh the memory of their seniors. It is a fitting testament to two very courageous ladies.”
Margaret Southern
Margaret Southern Companion of the Order of Canada, Lieutenant of Victorian Order, Alberta Order of Excellence
A touching, humane work that celebrates the power of love, the attributes of leadership, and the importance of family.
Harold J. Wolfe
Harold J. Wolfe Board of Trustees, the Jewish Theological Seminary; Chairman, Beth Tzedec Foundation of Toronto
“My granddaughter says it’s the best book she’s ever read!”
Tony Gage
Tony Gage Board of Governors, University of Victoria
“A poignant reminder of what can happen, and a tale of incredible courage.”
Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky
Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky
We are accustomed to a certain narrow definition of heroism. The Oxford Universal Dictionary defines a hero as a man who is admired for his brave or noble deeds. Heroism according to Oxford is a function of the admiration of others. In “My Mother’s Secret”, a new level of Heroism is revealed … a heroism where no wow or admiration was given. True heroism is when no one sees or knows! A truly inspiring and breathtaking book.