Talking With The Author Of ‘My Mother’s Secret’

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Talking With The Author Of ‘My Mother’s Secret’

“Witterick will be talking about My Mother’s Secret: A Novel Based on a True Holocaust Story this Friday night (Jan. 31) at the Carrollwood Barnes and Noble.”

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J.L. Witterick, author of “My Mother’s Secret”

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J.L. Witterick, author of “My Mother’s Secret” shares her story of writing and publishing her debut novel with iUniverse.

Forest Hill author J.L. Witterick pens first novel about the Holocaust

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“When she first learned the story of little-known Second World War hero Franciszka and her daughter Helena Halamajowa, first-time author J.L. (Jenny) Witterick felt it would resonate with the general public.

She could not have been more right…”

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Book Reading at the Lodzer Synagogue.

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The Lodzer Synagogue
12 Heaton St. Toronto. (Bathurst & Sheppard)


A Sublime Masterpiece, One of 2013s Best Books! This book has my strongest recommendation and should be considered one of the best books of 2013.

Andre Lawrence is a top reviewer for Amazon in the US, Canada, and the UK.


This book moved me to tears, It is hard to get through this book without tears in your eyes. Once I started reading it I could not put it down.

The book is inspired by the story of Franciszka Halamajowa who saved fifteen Jews by hiding them in her house for 20 months. She also hid one young German soldier defector. Before World War II Polish town of Sokol had six thousand Jews, only 30 of them survived the war. Half of them were hidden in Franciszka house. One family was hidden in the pigsty, the second family in a hole dug in under the floor boards, and the young soldier was hiding in the tiny cubby hole in the attic. None of them knew of the others until the German soldiers left Sokol in 1944.

Ali Julia, Amazon (#1 REVIEWER) (#1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

House of Anne Frank: Trip to Amsterdam

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I was recently in Amsterdam and visited the Anne Frank house.  I read her
diary again and was taken with how insightful she was at such a young age.
It feels surreal to be at the house where she was hiding.  I can’t imagine
the constant fear that they had to endure.

I have included pictures of Anne as well as the house and diary so you can
see them too.





JL Witterick

“My Mother’s Secret”: Unlikely Heroines In A Hellish Time – The Daily Beast

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Franciszka and Helena Halamajowa were two ordinary Poles with the extraordinary courage to hide Jews and a defecting German soldier in their attic during WWII. J.L Witterick on her new novel on the women who risked their lives to save their neighbors.

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Jenny Witterick

Quill & Quire:Penguin Canada gives self-published novel a boost

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The latest self-publishing success to land at a major house is by a first-time Canadian author.
J.L. Witterick’s My Mother’s Secret has sold 15,000 print copies in Canada since being self-published six months ago. The runaway sales – mostly via Amazon and Indigo – caught the attention of Penguin Canada, which re-released the novel earlier this month (it appeared in the U.S. under the Putnam imprint). The book has also sold in Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other territories.
Witterick says she was initially unable to stoke publishers’ interest in the novel, which tells the fictionalized story of a real-life mother and daughter who concealed multiple Jewish families in their home during the Holocaust. “I approached some publishers, but not having much luck, I just decided to self-publish it,” she says.
Putnam eventually acquired world rights to the title in a deal arranged without an agent. Penguin Canada editor Adrienne Kerr says she views the book’s previous retail success as an indication of future sales. For her part, Witterick believes partnering with Penguin will give her the best opportunity to reach a global audience.
“I figured that if my objective is to get this story out, which was always the case from the very beginning, Penguin’s going to do a good job of that,” she says. “I did have success, but it was success in my own country. To get global distribution, I just don’t think I could have managed it myself.”
“We first noticed My Mother’s Secret on The Globe and Mail bestseller list,” says Kerr. “Books with proven sales track records are much easier to sell, and there’s less risk for booksellers because they already know that readers want it.”
Kerr adds: “We think that it has potential in the gift market and the religious market, and we’re looking at course adoption, too. The readership for this book is universal.”

Riding for Baycrest

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Elayne has a background in Holocaust studies and was instrumental in helping to make My Mother’s Secret authentic with her insights.I think she is such a caring and giving person.

Here she is riding to raise money for Baycrest. Way to go Elayne!

I am proud to support her in any way I can.

JL Witterick