Tony Robbins Life Mastery Course

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Did the Tony Robbins Life Mastery course in Fiji. Can’t believe I actually climbed that ridiculously high pole… and I don’t like heights!

St. Georges Junior School

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Really treasure the beautiful letters from the boys of St. Georges Junior School. Your words inspire me. I will always remember our visit together.

From Adam,
Your book, My Mother’s Secret, changed my perspective on human character. You showed me how even in the worst of times there is hope, and how prevalent and important hope is. That amidst the worst evil, there is good.Your book was short and concise but also bold and powerful. This book inspired me to empathize with others, even when there is no clear benefit to help others. Similar to how Franciszka hid all those people. The way this story is told is amazing. In a few page you make a compelling novel that is impossible to stop reading. This book was so well written I read it 5 times over. This story is an inspiration to always help others.

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Innisfil Short Story Contest

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Was delighted to be a judge for the short story contest in Innisfil. A great chance to meet future authors and the mayor as well!

Collingwood Visit

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Collingwood is such a beautiful school. I loved it when the students sang along with the latest song from my band!

St. Margaret’s Public School Visit

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Had a great time visiting with the students at


St. George’s School Poems

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St. George’s School Poems

So taken with the imagination and depth of thinking at St. George’s School.
The poems and letters written by the students are remarkable.
Looking forward to this visit!


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Attended Earthtones, which supports such worthy causes.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

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A pleasure to support Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Thornhill Lodge B’nai Brith

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Want to thank Liz Zwicker for inviting me to speak at Thornhill Lodge B’nai Brith. It was a pleasure to speak to such a warm group of people.

Hi Jenny,
Thanks so much for coming tonight. Everyone enjoyed hearing you and said your talk was inspirational.
Best regards,
Liz Zwicker


Emily Carr Visit

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The enthusiasm of the students at Emily Carr was incredible. I will remember this visit for a long, long time. Thank you for such an energetic and warm welcome.